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  • Management Consultancy

  • Data Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Cost-benefit Analysis

  • Data tracking and dashboard creation

Previous Projects

Legal Commercial Management - Legal Panel Review Project
Working alongside an international bank's legal business management teams to streamline internal and external legal services to the retail and investment banking teams.

Legal spend analysis and stakeholder management were key to refining a preferred supplier list in order to improve the value and efficiency of how legal services were delivered internally and externally within the bank.

Legal Business and Change Management - Legal Supplier Rebate Scheme

Refinement of existing commercial engagement model with law firms to develop a consistent and measurable system of added value and cost efficiencies.

Legal Secondment Programme

Development of systems and processes to track third party legal supplier's secondments into an international bank. A consistent and efficient process was required to ensure engagement from law firms and to meet internal stakeholder needs for headcount and cost data.

Legal e-Billing Consultancy

Consultancy for Legal e-Billing processes at an international bank.

Business Management

Creating cost and sales tracking system with key metrics dashboard.

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